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“Urban environments need to connect with nature.”

Andrew Galuppi

Vor einigen Tagen habe ich die Arbeit von Andrew Galuppi entdeckt. Die Fotos sprechen für sich…

Some days ago I discovered the work of Andrew Galuppi. I let his designs speak for themselves…

photo: William Waldron for Elle Decor, design: Andrew Galuppi

photo: William Waldron for Elle Decor, design: Andrew Galuppi


36 Kommentare zu “Andrew Galuppi”

  1. classiq am 03.03.2011 um 08:09 Uhr 

    These are exquisite! You have such a lovely blog! :)

  2. meenal @ maison marigold am 03.03.2011 um 10:11 Uhr 

    Thankyou so much for stopping by my blog today or I would never have found your utterly gorgeous blog…overflowing with so much inspiration. It is really stunning…i’m a subscriber now. sorry i don’t know your name…but now you are one of my favourite bloggers!! and yes apple is quite like a drug…totally addictive…and its funny how it makes everthing else look chunky and dated!
    xx meenal

  3. hila am 03.03.2011 um 10:23 Uhr 

    I like his motto too.

  4. Mia am 03.03.2011 um 10:29 Uhr 

    Talented man! Have a great day :)

  5. Tereza am 03.03.2011 um 11:46 Uhr 

    Hi, Maria!
    Rooms with excellent taste and all so happy and light.
    Have a very nice day.

  6. Krystal/Village am 03.03.2011 um 12:10 Uhr 

    hey he’s cute, haha :)

  7. Thomas am 03.03.2011 um 12:15 Uhr 

    your blog inspires me!

  8. The Zhush am 03.03.2011 um 13:30 Uhr 

    New to his work…thanks for the intro!

  9. maureen lynne am 03.03.2011 um 14:55 Uhr 

    love the designs, and especially the flokati rugs…
    gorgeous…the velvet sofa is a favorite too…

  10. Dawn {The Alternative Wife} am 03.03.2011 um 16:13 Uhr 

    They’re absolutely stunning! Thanks for introducing me to his work :)

  11. quintessence am 03.03.2011 um 16:47 Uhr 

    Thank you for the introduction to this wonderful designer. Will hop over to his site next!

  12. Style Maniac am 03.03.2011 um 17:02 Uhr 

    As an urban girl, I couldn’t agree more. I am desperately craving nature and greenery right now.

    (Thank you for your sweet comments this week, Maria. they definitely brightened my days!)

  13. Barbara@HausDesign am 03.03.2011 um 18:35 Uhr 

    That first room is just beautiful!

  14. Cez am 03.03.2011 um 22:06 Uhr 

    love the 1rst pic!!! nice to share..tks!!!!!

  15. rosa am 03.03.2011 um 22:14 Uhr 

    blog and photos!
    have a great night Maria!

  16. gloria am 03.03.2011 um 23:55 Uhr 

    Hola! Encantadoras propuestas y buen nivel de diseño.Gracias por tu comentario en mi blog. Un beso, Gloria.

  17. am 04.03.2011 um 01:35 Uhr 

    Love the colorful paintings on the crisp white walls.
    Mary Ann

  18. George am 04.03.2011 um 03:36 Uhr 

    I think his designs speak volumes. I love the flowers he uses in his designs.

  19. KREASOLI am 04.03.2011 um 09:14 Uhr 

    Das “gestelzte Klötzchen” ist handwerklich interessant, und auch der “bestrohte Würfel” ist sehr originell!

    Danke fürs Zeigen, liebe Maria!


  20. Captivated by image am 04.03.2011 um 10:10 Uhr 

    Beautiful rooms and designs, I really see the influences of nature with his use of refined woodwork. Though the fluffy rug doesn’t belong in both images I think… What do you think? Have a great weekend Maria!:)

  21. PtitsCarnets am 04.03.2011 um 11:36 Uhr 

    It is so lovely, I love this natural atmosphere !!

  22. ahhhlala am 04.03.2011 um 13:13 Uhr 

    Lovely pictures. I hope you liked the little award in my blog, I speak in it of your cosy blog.
    nice weekend

  23. Cozy Biscuit am 04.03.2011 um 14:10 Uhr 


  24. Jody Brettkelly am 04.03.2011 um 17:51 Uhr 

    He seems to mix so many style with florals – beautiful

  25. Jody Brettkelly am 04.03.2011 um 17:52 Uhr 

    Sorry not sure if my comment went through – what amazing design sense!

  26. ruma am 04.03.2011 um 19:18 Uhr 

    Wooden furniture.
    Wooden floor.
    Snow-white interior decoration enhances them still more.

    Thank you for your visit.

    Good weekend

  27. Rhônya Holman am 04.03.2011 um 20:32 Uhr 

    Beautiful designs simple and elegant! Great taste girl. (-:
    Have a great weekend!

  28. Luciane at am 04.03.2011 um 22:02 Uhr 

    Really cool, eh?

    Maria… I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

    Btw, stop by my blog if you have a minute. I’m missing you there! :-)


    Luciane at

  29. Stephie am 05.03.2011 um 07:44 Uhr 

    Hi Maria! I like the first room – that artwork is pretty cool! Have a great weekend, Stephie x

  30. Kristin am 05.03.2011 um 09:27 Uhr 

    Wow! This is stunning! I love the fresh colors!! Have a lovely weekend, Maria!!!!

    Kristin xo

  31. Tina am 05.03.2011 um 20:39 Uhr 

    Love the feminine touches in these pics. Beautiful and lovely!

  32. Tracey am 06.03.2011 um 10:02 Uhr 

    Gosh, just gorgeous designs.
    Beautiful and unique.

  33. Fine Life am 06.03.2011 um 20:11 Uhr 

    Wow, Maria! Gorgeous designer and beautiful designs, all in one package! I have not seen his work before. Thanks for stopping by my site and letting me know you are here. I look forward to your posts!

  34. mary jo am 12.03.2011 um 05:00 Uhr 

    Love his style! It’s so particular and livable at the same time.

    xo Mary Jo

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