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Rustic Charm in San Francisco

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Das Architekturbüro Feldman Architecture hat eines der ältesten Häuser in San Francisco renoviert – ein altes Haus, das in 1860 erbaut wurde! Das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen: ein schönes Familienhaus mit offenen Räumen und großflächigen Fenstern, die die Natur ins Haus holen.

p.s.: Mein Blog wurde am Freitag  auf Desire to Inspire empfohlen. Danke, Jo und Kim! Danke an Cabbage Rose und Japanese Trash fürs Posten meiner Einträge auf ihren Blogs. Ein Danke an euch alle, dass ihr so zahlreich meinen Blog liest. Der letzte Osterfeiertag beginnt. ”It’s a beautiful day! Don’t let it get away!” U2

Feldman Architecture redecorated one of the oldest houses in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood, a 1860′s cottage! A transformation into a lovely family home that celebrates light filled open spaces and has a strong connection with the outdoors.

p.s.: Thank you, Desire to Inspire (Jo and Kim), for featuring my blog in the Easter Reading Guide! Thanks to Cabbage Rose and Japanese Trash for linking to my posts this week! Thank you all for reading my blog! The last day of the 4 day Easter break is beginning. ”It’s a beautiful day! Don’t let it get away!” U2

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42 Kommentare zu “Rustic Charm in San Francisco”

  1. am 25.04.2011 um 00:25 Uhr 

    I just love this home. It’s modern, rustic, warm and
    inviting! Thanks for sharing.


  2. florence am 25.04.2011 um 00:32 Uhr 

    qué casa! me encanta la cocina con esa mesa larga de madera y toda esta luz, qué alegría!!

  3. Trine Marie am 25.04.2011 um 00:52 Uhr 

    Thank you for the comment! Just bought that Chesterfield sofa today! So happy!

    Beautiful house btw! Natural elements and modern style in perfect harmony. Thanks for the great inspiration. Hope you’re having an awesome Easter! : )

  4. Olya Nikol am 25.04.2011 um 00:55 Uhr 

    This is a cute design! I’m not a fan of anything rustic (because I used to live in one rustic house that had so many problems…) Anyway, this is interesting, ~ xoxo

  5. Marianne am 25.04.2011 um 00:57 Uhr 

    Wunderschöne, sonnendurchflutete Räume.
    Strahlend wie der Frühling!!

  6. Carolyn am 25.04.2011 um 00:07 Uhr 

    I love this home… the modern style and all the light is fabulous.
    Hope that you are having a happy Easter.


  7. SizzleandZoom am 25.04.2011 um 01:47 Uhr 

    I love the lamps in the kitchen and the rock wall up the staircase. The child’s room is
    adorable with the back lit peace sign and the
    pretty mobile. Very nice home.

  8. SizzleandZoom am 25.04.2011 um 02:11 Uhr 

    I like the overhead lamps in the kitchen, the
    rock wall up the staircase, the child’s room with the pretty mobile and the back lit peace sign. Very nice home.

  9. Mary JO am 25.04.2011 um 02:32 Uhr 

    I love these images~especially the staircase! So inspiring, I’d love to do something like this in my house. Hope you had a great weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  10. Brandi {not your average ordinary} am 25.04.2011 um 05:49 Uhr 

    Is it strange that the first thing I noticed in these photos was the light? The home is stunning, but there’s something really magical about the way that light streaks in and hits everything.

  11. Kathy am 25.04.2011 um 06:17 Uhr 

    Terrific post. I love the nursery….k

  12. Quer am 25.04.2011 um 07:07 Uhr 

    Das wäre ein Refugium nach meinem Geschmack! Und am besten gefällt mir darin das zweistöckige Bücherregal!

  13. nicole@Lebenskuenstler am 25.04.2011 um 07:31 Uhr 

    i LOVE that big dining table! we still have a very similar one made from one chunky plank of antique teak wood in storage. it’s a left-over from our indonesian antique shop.

  14. Tina am 25.04.2011 um 09:19 Uhr 

    Oh well, another great place to be inspired by!!! I hope you´ve had a really great Easter weekend Maria! Sorry for not stoppping by lately, too hectic and blogging has come second place… Wishing you a really great start this new week with some lovely spring weather. It´s a beautiful day!!!
    Sending all my love!

  15. Jouir la vie am 25.04.2011 um 09:21 Uhr 

    Ein fröhliches Osterfest und sonnige Tage!

    Servus, so long und liebe Grüße

  16. Langohren Center am 25.04.2011 um 09:22 Uhr 

    “Es ist das Osterfest alljährlich
    für den Hasen recht beschwerlich.”

    (So hörte man hinterm Busch vom ollen Wilhelm)

    Fröhliche Ostern und viel Sonnenschein

  17. Krystal/Village am 25.04.2011 um 11:15 Uhr 

    wow that is an amazing house!

  18. laura am 25.04.2011 um 12:04 Uhr 


  19. anotherwomanbyrose am 25.04.2011 um 12:13 Uhr 

    wow!!! lovely styles….and last picture is sol relaxing….bath time.. :)


    another woman

  20. maureen am 25.04.2011 um 14:30 Uhr 

    love the dining room my style…
    fabulous open and light..

  21. tránsito inicial am 25.04.2011 um 14:37 Uhr 

    Asombrosa la biblioteca de dos pisos, me guardo la imagen, un beso y espero que tú también hayas tenido una feliz pascua.

  22. Meera @ firstsense am 25.04.2011 um 14:39 Uhr 

    Love this place! So sunny and cheery and just gorgeous! Love the rustic elements amongst the modernity.

    Hope you’re having a beautiful sunny Easter like we are here. It IS a beautiful day, and I’m off for some fun in the sun to make sure I don’t let it get away :-)

    Hugs to you, my lovely!

    Meera xx

  23. nisha am 25.04.2011 um 15:11 Uhr 

    lovely blog maria…loved all ur lovely pictures…

  24. Dave am 25.04.2011 um 15:18 Uhr 

    What a gorgeous space; thanks so much for discovering and posting it!

  25. Janny am 25.04.2011 um 16:52 Uhr 

    Fantastic very very nice disign I like et
    Happy Easter
    thanks for visit my blog
    Greetings Janny

  26. Kate @ Travelmoon am 25.04.2011 um 17:27 Uhr 

    Wow! That floor to ceiling bookcase with the ladder-so unique and cool!

  27. Joanna am 25.04.2011 um 17:39 Uhr 

    I totally love the ghost chairs! Everything looks so beautiful especially the carpet in the nursery room and the bathroom! Cool post, check out also 3D Rendering

  28. Mindy@FindingSilverLinings am 25.04.2011 um 17:56 Uhr 

    LOVE! Modern, but not sterile. The rustic warmth from the raw wood keeps things looking like somebody actually lives here. And tha two story bookcase?! LOOOOVE!

  29. Tereza am 25.04.2011 um 18:01 Uhr 

    Gorgeous house, so airy and light and the timber work is beautiful.
    And that table with Ghost chairs, love this mix.
    Have a nice week, Maria!

  30. Reshma am 25.04.2011 um 19:08 Uhr 

    Oh My God! What a delightfully charming home! Great pictures…

  31. alexandria am 25.04.2011 um 19:17 Uhr 

    Beautiful highlights in this home.

  32. Julia falci am 25.04.2011 um 20:11 Uhr 

    Interesting mix of rustic and modern. I kind of like the wood table and counter with the transparent chairs and white lamp. Great taste!

  33. Vårt liv i norr am 25.04.2011 um 21:38 Uhr 

    Nice home! :)
    Love the book shelf!

    Thank you for stopping by my bog :D


  34. Vårt liv i norr am 25.04.2011 um 21:39 Uhr 

    Of course I meant “blog” !! ;)

  35. Vårt liv i norr am 25.04.2011 um 21:39 Uhr 

    Of course I meant “blog” ! ;)

  36. Dawn {The Alternative Wife} am 25.04.2011 um 23:49 Uhr 

    Love the indoor/outdoor connection. And I also love that bathroom! :)

  37. Dawn {The Alternative Wife} am 25.04.2011 um 23:51 Uhr 

    Love the indoor/outdoor connection! And I LOVE that bathroom!

  38. Karl-Heinz am 26.04.2011 um 00:22 Uhr 

    Bei so einem Haus lohnt sich die Renovierung, denn es muss solide gebaut sein, wenn es das Erdbeben von 1906 mit dem damit verbunden Brand überlebt hat.
    Es ist sehr nett geworden.
    Thanks for showing.

  39. Linda [the young curator] am 26.04.2011 um 09:20 Uhr 

    i can’t believe this house is from the 1860′s! it looks so modern! especially with that sliding library bookcase ladder and the loft area

    i would love to live here, but alas, it’s only a dream!

  40. Elina am 26.04.2011 um 10:12 Uhr 

    so beautiful!

  41. Captivated by image am 26.04.2011 um 12:29 Uhr 

    Absolutely amazing house! I love all the old wood and white and the bathroom tiles. Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend:)

  42. KREASOLI am 26.04.2011 um 14:25 Uhr 

    Ein Tiger vor’nem Kinderbett,
    das ist ja mal was Feines,
    er macht sich dort besonders nett
    und hüt’ sogar was Kleines!

    ;-) ))


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