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Greetings from Bulgaria

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I love being in Bulgaria. After having a wonderful time just walking with friends, cooking with my mom and visiting my favotite bookstore I’m excited to see many of my old classmates tonight. I’ll be heading to the beach for a few days and to Monaco next week. No matter where or how you spend the weekend… hope you are surrounded by those you love. Next post tomorrow…

Black Sea

The Main Street in Plovdiv (my hometown)

The Ancient Theater in Plovdiv

Graffit Cafe in Varna

Rhodope Mountains – about half an hour’s drive outside of Plovdiv

my favorite tennis court in the whole world (located in the Rhodope Mountains)

flowers on the balcony of my mom


30 Kommentare zu “Greetings from Bulgaria”

  1. cabbagerose am 03.06.2011 um 09:28 Uhr 

    oh, maria, thank you so much for sharing such a special place with us…plovdiv is beautiful. so happy you are having a fabulous time. looking forward to more updates. xo

  2. classiq am 03.06.2011 um 09:43 Uhr 

    How beautiful! It would be a wonderful weekend escape. What about a tennis match on that lovely tennis court in the mountains? ;) Enjoy your stay, Maria, and have fun tonight! :)

  3. Ann am 03.06.2011 um 10:20 Uhr 

    Enjoy !!!

    thank you for sharing the lovely places and photos ♥

  4. FAY HART FLORENCE ITALY am 03.06.2011 um 10:26 Uhr 

    mMria it looks wonderful in EVERY aspect Im sure you will be having a great time
    fay x

  5. Malena Skaale am 03.06.2011 um 10:37 Uhr 

    Plovdiv looks like a place in Narnia! So beautiful. The theater is amazing. I can imagine how they played theater there for 1500 years ago. Using the balconies and maby singing opera from it. They didnt have Romeo and Juliet, but I guess they had lots of plays that was just as tragic stories played out there….

    I want to come and see you! Have a blast to night! And let us know how it was <3

  6. meenal @ maison marigold am 03.06.2011 um 11:03 Uhr 

    What a beautiful post, must be having such a wonderful time with your friends and family..your hometown is indeed beautiful..hope i’ll get to see more of plovdiv and monaco through your camera! have a beautiful weekend and a lovely holiday..warm hugs from India..xx meenal

  7. Nat@ dear little house am 03.06.2011 um 11:17 Uhr 

    Ohhh, one of the many, many places on my list of ‘destinations I’d love to visit’!

  8. Mid-Century Home am 03.06.2011 um 14:35 Uhr 

    wow!! what a nice place! :D
    I didn’t know Bulgaria was so nice..I’ll put it in my ‘travel wish list’ ;)

    Thanks and ciao.

  9. Dawn {The Alternative Wife} am 03.06.2011 um 14:59 Uhr 

    Wow it looks absolutely beautiful there! Enjoy the rest of your time there and in Monaco too! :) xoxo

  10. Alexa am 03.06.2011 um 16:32 Uhr 

    Oh this looks so lovely! Hope you are having a wonderful time there!

  11. SizzleandZoom am 03.06.2011 um 17:08 Uhr 

    It is a joy to see such beautiful photos of your homeland. Thank-you for sharing.

  12. Barbara@HausDesign am 03.06.2011 um 18:21 Uhr 

    I can see why you love it so much – beautiful!

  13. The English Organizer am 03.06.2011 um 19:00 Uhr 

    Beautiful! I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Bulgaria. Plovdiv looks wonderful.

  14. Style Maniac am 03.06.2011 um 19:22 Uhr 

    Bulgaria is stunning, and your hometown so charming. Added to my “must visit” list. Hope you have a lovely vacation.

  15. La Boheme am 03.06.2011 um 20:08 Uhr 

    So happy Maria for you being at home! It looks beautiful and I can tell how happy you are! Enjoy every minute of it, hugs hugs!

  16. Kate @ Travelmoon am 03.06.2011 um 20:20 Uhr 

    Bulgaria looks absolutely beautiful! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time…there is nothing like home!

  17. Quer am 03.06.2011 um 20:24 Uhr 

    Danke für die grossartigen Ansichten.
    Hab’s gut und geniess alles Schöne, Maria!

    Gruss, Brigitte

  18. Jessie am 03.06.2011 um 20:43 Uhr 

    Your home country is beautiful. Great images too. I am glad you have a wonderful time with family and friends.


  19. Cez am 03.06.2011 um 21:16 Uhr 

    wow…Maria!!! amazing pictures!!! sounds so beautiful…enjoy your family and friends!!! and let me know when you’ll be in Monaco…i am closed..perhaps we can have a drink?

  20. Julia Falci am 03.06.2011 um 21:23 Uhr 

    What a beautiful place! Enjoy your trip and keep us posted!
    Have a great weekend!

  21. George am 03.06.2011 um 23:39 Uhr 

    I really like your picture of the Black Sea, but I must admit that your hometown looks beautiful as well. It must have been wonderful to grow up around so much gorgeous scenery and so much history.

  22. nicole@Lebenskuenstler am 04.06.2011 um 00:35 Uhr 

    thank you so much for sharing this! i love to see different parts of the world and it’s so great to see where you come from :) that amphitheatre is amazing!
    enjoy your weekend with family & friends and maybe some food that you haven’t had for a while.
    liebe gruesse, xo nicole.

  23. lrr am 04.06.2011 um 06:53 Uhr 

    it looks amazing, stunning photos, hope you and your mom are ooking your favourites

  24. Dom am 04.06.2011 um 13:04 Uhr 

    Your hometown is absolutely beautiful!!! I’ve wanted to visit that region for a long time… I’ll probably make it down there next year and I’ll definitely visit Plovdiv! :-)

  25. Reshma am 04.06.2011 um 15:20 Uhr 

    Such beautiful pictures of your hometown! Thank you! I hope to visit Bulgaria sometime!

  26. Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) am 05.06.2011 um 04:26 Uhr 

    These photos are beautiful. Your hometown? Wow. Thank you for taking me on a mini-vacation!


  27. Charlotta am 05.06.2011 um 05:18 Uhr 

    Maria this looks heaven, and I know exactly how wonderful it is to be ‘home’.
    I am from Sweden but have lived abroad for the past 23 years. Every time I go home it is like a piece of a missing puzzle falls into place. I feel complete.

    I loved these pictures and Bulgaria is high on my list of countries to visit. Seems such a beautiful place.

    Thanks for sharing

    x Charlotta
    Space for Inspiration

  28. Shelly Gregory am 06.06.2011 um 21:33 Uhr 

    My busy work schedule kept me from seeing your lovely visit when you first posted. The Main Street of Plovdiv is architecturally quaint! Love it! Such beautiful favorites you shared! All breathtaking! I hope you had a great time with your classmates!

  29. Pamela Ravek am 07.06.2011 um 06:21 Uhr 

    Lovely, Maria. Thanks for sharing! Our cousin-in-law studied medicine in Bulgaria and will have to forward your post to him! Enjoy your stay – and can’t wait to see your images of Monaco! Cheers,
    OR DESIGN glassworks

  30. Lisa am 23.06.2011 um 03:56 Uhr 

    Gorgeous – I am adding Bulgaria to my must-vsit list!

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