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“It doesn’t matter if your place is a mountain hideaway, a houseboat, a 10.000-square-foot beach bungalow for two, a city loft, or a split-level in suburbia. Everyone, everywhere can love where they live – and should – and it’s doable no matter the size of their space or budget, or their level of decorating confidence. Because pulling off dynamic, distinctive interiors you’re happy to come home to isn’t always about breaking the bank or having a decorator on speed dial. It’s really about creating rooms that are true to you, that reflect your personality and who you really are. And who knows you better than you? You have total access to all unique likes and dislikes, what makes you happiest, and what’s most meaningful to you…”

Thom Filicia, “Thom Filicia Style



4 Kommentare zu “Be you”

  1. SizzleandZoom am 22.06.2011 um 09:09 Uhr 

    I totally believe this. If my home doesn’t reflect who I am how can I be happy. I know some people can but I sometimes think I need a different room for every one of my moods.

  2. Julie am 22.06.2011 um 09:37 Uhr 

    Except of course if you are living in the dump I am currently renting and then all is lost.. hahaha.. I really need to move..

    I do believe this though and when I do move I am determined to create a happy environment that reflects ME!!

    Also love the BElieve on YOUrself..very clever.. [says I 'being Ruby' hehe].. Ok… back to my box!! ciao ciao xxx Julie

  3. Brandi {not your average ordinary} am 22.06.2011 um 17:08 Uhr 

    Really phenomenal quote — it’s so perfect for this space of yours! And I love the image too. There’s nothing like a little morning inspiration.

  4. Meera @ firstsense am 27.06.2011 um 08:57 Uhr 

    Great quote and I love the poster!

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