Lakeside House in Zurich : design elements


Lakeside House in Zurich

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photo: Richard Simpson for Livingetc via House to Home


18 Kommentare zu “Lakeside House in Zurich”

  1. kastanie am 28.06.2011 um 08:38 Uhr 

    wünsche dir heute viel sonne in dein liebes herz

  2. SizzleandZoom am 28.06.2011 um 09:02 Uhr 

    Magnificent home with a view.

  3. Ann am 28.06.2011 um 10:10 Uhr 

    What a breathtaking view to have,

    I’d love a summer home like that ♥

    And I won’t stand…
    I’d definitely get a chair or something
    because with a view like that,
    I’d probably spend the whole day looking out :)

  4. Sylke am 28.06.2011 um 11:36 Uhr 

    Was für ein fantastischer Ausblick….

    LG Sylke

  5. homestilo am 28.06.2011 um 15:18 Uhr 

    Amazing views and seemingly amazing architecture.

  6. Roberto Pujol am 28.06.2011 um 15:45 Uhr 

    I’d like to be there NOW!!!

  7. Malena Skaale am 28.06.2011 um 16:28 Uhr 

    That can be Fjordside house in Rosendal in a couple of years! :D

    Life is so buissy here now. I am moving in three days….

    How are you doing and how was your vacation? Any more plans for the summer? I am so just soaking it up i Rosendal all summer. I have 7 weeks off before I start my new job!

  8. Kelly @ JAX does design am 28.06.2011 um 16:32 Uhr 

    Ooooh, what a gorgeous view! And the house isn’t bad either! Love the narrow horizontal wood slat siding – such a great look.

  9. Alexa am 28.06.2011 um 17:00 Uhr 

    Goodness what a view. In love.

  10. ruediger benedikt am 28.06.2011 um 17:30 Uhr 

    ganz tolles haus, durch die kleinen schlitze kommt genuegend licht rein, ganz ruhige lage, sehr inspirierend am wasser zu wohnen…

  11. Marianne am 28.06.2011 um 20:13 Uhr 

    So ein Ausblick !!!

  12. meenal @ maison marigold am 28.06.2011 um 20:19 Uhr 

    love it!! have a lovely new week, maria..warm hugs..xx meenal

  13. The English Organizer am 28.06.2011 um 22:55 Uhr 

    Just stunning!

  14. cabbagerose am 29.06.2011 um 01:16 Uhr 

    I want to be standing in the window right now…right now, i say! lovely! xx

  15. La Boheme am 29.06.2011 um 01:32 Uhr 

    I have a layover in Zurich in August….maybe I should extend it?? Hugs Maria!

  16. Punctuation Mark am 29.06.2011 um 03:51 Uhr 

    amazing!!! that balcony is perfect!

  17. Shelly Gregory am 29.06.2011 um 16:39 Uhr 

    The view is spectacular, however, the balcony is also! I see so many designs on your blog that I never see otherwise! I have such an appreciation for the meticulously clean lines and decor of the homes and structures you post!

  18. M&W Construction am 22.03.2021 um 09:55 Uhr 

    schöne aussichten, ich beneide so eine wohnung

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