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Wednesday Mix

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  1. Nat @ Dear Little House am 29.06.2011 um 08:48 Uhr 

    That timber in the second shot is so warm and gorgeous!

  2. Rosa @ Flutter Flutter am 29.06.2011 um 08:56 Uhr 

    Wow!! The view in that first picture is amazing!!

  3. Stephie am 29.06.2011 um 15:43 Uhr 

    I want to be in that second room by the fire – it looks so beautiful! I love the quote – good advice and I am going to try to take it on board! Happy Wednesday to you, Stephie x

  4. Kelly @ JAX does design am 29.06.2011 um 15:58 Uhr 

    I’ve never been to either of these places, but I want to go right now! Another place I really want to go to is Iceland. Maybe this year will be the year :-)

  5. Shelly Gregory am 29.06.2011 um 16:46 Uhr 

    I agree to a lovely goal of visiting some place new every year! Love the rustic warmth of the second image. I believe I could sleep for days!

  6. classiq am 29.06.2011 um 17:36 Uhr 

    Is that view for real? Stunning! I love the minimalistic design in the 2nd image and that quote in such a precious piece of advice. Wonderful post, Maria! :) Ada

  7. Splendid Willow am 29.06.2011 um 17:53 Uhr 

    Talk about being in tune with Mother Nature! A stunning place not only for the eyes – but also for the heart and soul.

    We are off to the beach with the kids. Wish you guys lived closer and could join us!



  8. Alexa am 29.06.2011 um 18:12 Uhr 

    I want to sleep in that little nook!

  9. SizzleandZoom am 29.06.2011 um 18:43 Uhr 

    A place of pure beauty. Wonderful motto.

  10. Marianne am 29.06.2011 um 19:22 Uhr 

    Oh, momentan sieht der Himmel bei uns auch so aus und ein Feuerchen kömnnen wir morgen bestimmt gut vertragen.

    GLG Marianne ♥

  11. Luciane at am 29.06.2011 um 20:06 Uhr 


    So nice to hear from you, my friend!!!

    The 1st image is breath taking! Can you picture yourself there???

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at

  12. Tereza am 29.06.2011 um 21:11 Uhr 

    Maria, that bedroom is fabulous, my style.

  13. Cez am 29.06.2011 um 22:04 Uhr 

    just gorgeous bedding area!!!!! xxx

  14. FAY HART FLORENCE ITALY am 29.06.2011 um 23:36 Uhr 

    FABULOUS book me in immediately Fay xx

  15. Tamara, Bella Boho am 30.06.2011 um 00:43 Uhr 

    Fabulous ♥ Lovin all the wood in #2 and I so agree with the quote!

  16. Kate @ Travelmoon am 30.06.2011 um 03:21 Uhr 

    That view! The infiniti pool! I want to be there right now!!

  17. Kastanie am 30.06.2011 um 08:28 Uhr 

    wundervoll diese aussicht und spiegelung im ersten bild.
    aha du fährst honda – nun kenn ich auch deine linke hand – sie scheint die fahrt zu geniessen
    von herzen einen schönen tag maria

  18. florence am 30.06.2011 um 19:17 Uhr 

    hay que intentar cumplir la frase del final, cierto!!
    te dejé un premio en mi post del lunes, no sé si lo viste.. porque me encanta tu blog!!

  19. Style Maniac am 01.07.2011 um 13:52 Uhr 

    I like that advice, a lot. Although I am off on a week’s vacation to a beloved favorite spot, I will try to explore someplace new while I am there.

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