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Santorini Magic

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Grace Santorini Hotel vom Architekturbüro Diversity Architects – 20 Hotelräume mit traumhafter Aussicht auf die Caldera.

Grace Santorini Hotel by Diversity Architects – 20-room hotel with breathtaking views 300 m above Santorini’s volcanic caldera.

photos: archiportale


20 Kommentare zu “Santorini Magic”

  1. moni am 30.08.2011 um 09:57 Uhr 

    Da möchte man ja gar nicht drinnen sitzen!!!! So stellt man sich den Himmel vor! Kann man so etwas auch als Normalo buchen????
    Lieben Gruß

  2. the nyanzi report am 30.08.2011 um 10:05 Uhr 

    that is such great architecture.

  3. Ann am 30.08.2011 um 10:17 Uhr 

    Oh what a lovely place…
    this hotel looks awesome.

    I’ve seen so many pics of Santorini and still it never fails to amaze me every single time I look at them. The place is so beautiful and looks idyllic. One of the places on my Travel wish list.

  4. kat+muse am 30.08.2011 um 10:27 Uhr 

    Darling these views are simply breathtaking! Just what I need to begin my day feeling inspired :) Thank you for the kind words on my blog…just what I needed after a long week. I hope you have a fabulous day! And thank you for continuing to inspire!

    hugs to you

    xx kat

  5. classiq am 30.08.2011 um 12:08 Uhr 

    This is magical, Maria. xoxo

  6. homestilo am 30.08.2011 um 15:43 Uhr 

    I love Santorini and this place looks amazing!

  7. Alexa am 30.08.2011 um 17:27 Uhr 

    I mean I just cannot get over the views and the great big blue…gorgeous.

  8. kastanie am 30.08.2011 um 19:28 Uhr 

    wie magie voller wunder

  9. meenal@maison marigold am 30.08.2011 um 19:36 Uhr 

    This is unreal!! Truly magical place! Hope you are having a great week, Maria..warm hugs to you..xx meenal

  10. cabbagerose am 30.08.2011 um 19:52 Uhr 

    i could go for that! oh, i don’t want summer to depart…santorini keeps the lovely summer days alive and well. absolutely magical hotel. shall we plan on going in February? xx

  11. Priscilla Joy am 30.08.2011 um 20:22 Uhr 

    Amazing. Simply Amazing.
    Have a great day.


  12. Bromeliad am 30.08.2011 um 21:13 Uhr 

    All I can say is WOW.

  13. Marianne am 30.08.2011 um 21:55 Uhr 

    Das erste…traumhaft schööööööööööööön :lol:

    GLG marianne ♥

  14. KREASOLI am 30.08.2011 um 23:27 Uhr 

    Als ich dort war, gab’s das noch nicht. ;-)


  15. Tereza am 31.08.2011 um 01:37 Uhr 

    H. Maria!
    Spectacular views, Santorini is really fantastic.

  16. Karrie am 31.08.2011 um 02:34 Uhr 

    This is the COOLEST! I’m speechless.

  17. Luxe Vida am 31.08.2011 um 19:47 Uhr 

    This place is a dream, will add it on my “go to” list for next year!

  18. Style Maniac am 01.09.2011 um 00:19 Uhr 

    Magic, indeed. Are you sure this place is real??

    Saw that LUSH chose you as one of her picks for what we’ve now dubbed World Blgostress Day. Yay!

  19. La Boheme am 01.09.2011 um 02:33 Uhr 

    Yes yes yes, this hotel is beautiful, isn’t it? It has been ready for my Travelling Mind post and I’ve been saving it for cozy Autumn days when one needs to feel inspired to travel. How do I love seeing our similar design attractions! Biggest hugs to you Maria!

  20. Norma am 09.09.2011 um 20:12 Uhr 


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