Happy Monday : design elements


Happy Monday

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Einen guten Start in die neue Woche!

I hope the start of your week is as pleasant as can be.



12 Kommentare zu “Happy Monday”

  1. Rwaida Flayhan am 24.10.2011 um 07:35 Uhr 

    Happy Monday Maria! I love everything in this beautiful home office. Wish u a successful week.

  2. Quer am 24.10.2011 um 09:43 Uhr 

    Dieses helle, frische Interieur hilft stark dazu bei!
    Auch dir eine rundum gute Woche!
    Gruss, Brigitte

  3. Miss Ewig am 24.10.2011 um 09:45 Uhr 

    Ich liebe diese Blumen!

    Happy monday!

  4. Priscilla Joy am 24.10.2011 um 15:51 Uhr 

    Happy Monday Maria.

    Have a great week.
    Smile loads ;)

  5. Luciane at HomeBunch.com am 24.10.2011 um 16:40 Uhr 

    Good morning, my dear friend!

    Wishing you the same. By the way, thank you for stopping by. Reading your comments are little gifts you bring to me!

    Have a Blessed Week!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  6. Nikki am 24.10.2011 um 17:09 Uhr 

    Nice home office! Check out also 3D Rendering

  7. mary jo am 24.10.2011 um 18:11 Uhr 

    I can’t even tell you how much I love that teal lamp and that light airy office. Happy Monday Maria!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. Marianne am 24.10.2011 um 19:00 Uhr 

    Wünsche ich dir auch und ganz viel Sonnenschein :-)

  9. Kristin am 24.10.2011 um 19:13 Uhr 

    Hi Maria, I hope yours is also!!! It would be great to sit down by that beautiful desk!

    Kristin xo

  10. Christa am 24.10.2011 um 21:37 Uhr 

    Maria – Thanks for your comment today! Wonderful, inspirational picture as always. This is the office I imagine to work in… unfortunately mine looks not as sophisticated but coffee was nice anyway! Lovely evening!

  11. Reshma@colorcanopy.blogspot.com am 24.10.2011 um 23:16 Uhr 

    Sigh! I wish my work desk would be like this!
    Have a great week.

  12. Odessa am 25.10.2011 um 13:22 Uhr 

    Love these pictures. Dream interior! xoxo

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