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Interview with Maud Ferrand

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Recently I had the pleasure to have a cyber sit down with Maud Ferrand – Paris born interior designer living in Singapore with a talent for making the ordinary extraordinary! Maud’s passion for design was nurtured during her years in New York where she interned with Yves Saint Laurent while doing a Master Degree in Marketing. Some years later Maud decided to follow her heart and moved into the world of design. Maud’s work has been featured in French and Singaporean magazines. She also appeared on French and Singaporean TV for her own homes.

How would you describe your own style?

I like to describe my style as a blend of Contemporary Asian Glamour. I bring together European, in vogue and vintage elements into my designs; the result is timeless.

You began a career in public relations first. How did you decide to become a designer?

My career commenced working very closely with Paloma Picasso in her Accessories Company in New York where I developed skills in fashion, colour, symmetry and balance. From this knowledge and experience, I designed my first apartment in Paris, which consequently appeared on French television: Teva Deco.

Looking back at your first project what decorating knowledge do you wish you had back then designing the interiors?

The sense of scale and more-depth knowledge of architectural planning.

Is there a designer that has influenced you?

Kelly Weastler and Alberto Pinto

Some designers believe that the first piece for any room is the rug or a painting that sets up the colors palette. What is your first source of inspiration?

I am continually inspired by many influences by keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends and expanding my knowledge in global cultures with a particular interest in Asia. Equally, my incentive can be something as simple as a painting or an ornamental piece. I recall some years ago I created a room based solely on a blue turquoise vase from Turkey. The result was that the room looked like an extension of the client’s personality.

What is your idea what a beautiful home should feel like?

I believe that whatever the architecture or style of the home; the overall concept should look effortless and chic. As designers in the 21st century we are fortunate to be afforded with a wealth of universal available materials which means our creativity is limitless!

house in Bali designed by Maud Ferrand

What the biggest mistake people make when they decide to decorate their homes without the guidance of a professional designer?

They tend to match everything so the achieved look is very unpersonal. I introduce my clients to new elements; rich textures and fabrics and a blend of contemporary and authentic pieces, which are beyond their normal boundaries. The result is then unexpected.

How do you achieve a good scale? Scale is a really interesting and difficult topic.

Having a good sense of scale wisely is a very valuable tool with ID, but every now again I like to bend the rules and create something, which is unique and quirky.

What do you love to do when you are not designing?

Traveling for inspiration

Your favorite books?

“The Road Less Travelled” by Scott Peck.

What does success mean to you?

My two children.

My signature Design Elements question – what are the most important design elements?

Humor and Drama, exquisite fabrics and art pieces and the confidence to introduce detailing which is totally outside a clients’ comfort zone.


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  1. Rowaida Flayhan am 10.11.2011 um 10:50 Uhr 

    Thank you Maria for introducing her to us. Love the interview and her style of design. Great post

  2. classiq am 10.11.2011 um 15:14 Uhr 

    This is a great interview, Maria. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. éva csomós am 10.11.2011 um 15:33 Uhr 

    ich habe wiedermal durch deinen schönen blog geblättert und etwas länger hier verweilt. so eine tolle auswahl, an wunderschönen wohnungen, was du immer wieder zusammenstellst. man geht immer mit vielen neuen inspirationen. liebe grüße, éva

  4. Marianne am 10.11.2011 um 19:48 Uhr 

    Tolle Frau :lol:

  5. Mary Jo am 10.11.2011 um 20:04 Uhr 

    Maria I love this interview. I just agree with so much of her philosophy and what a chic woman!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Alexa am 10.11.2011 um 21:23 Uhr 

    Love this interview…and she is gorgeous.

  7. Kelly @ JAX does design am 10.11.2011 um 21:51 Uhr 

    Great interview, and the house in Bali is awesome! Oh, to have a bedroom with big doors that open to a pool!

    I totally agree with Maud on the most important design elements, especially humour and drama. My favourite rooms are the ones that take your breath away with their beauty, but also make you smile at their playfulness :-)

    {I have an award for you over on my blog – stop by when you have a chance to pick it up :-) }

  8. Victoria am 11.11.2011 um 01:26 Uhr 

    Waow. I love her work, her website is awesomme…I wish I had a house she could help me to spice up . Thank you for sharing this interview?

  9. frauheuberg am 11.11.2011 um 12:41 Uhr 

    hej…thanks so much for your cute birthday wishes…;)…you made my day…really…and what a wonderful interview with an inspiring woman…thanks for sharing…all the best and much more…cheers and hugs…i…

  10. Kristin am 11.11.2011 um 14:08 Uhr 

    Great interview!!! Have the greatest weekend!

    Kristin xx

  11. Roberto Pujol am 11.11.2011 um 15:11 Uhr 

    Maria, You make me feel so special with your comment in my blog. It’s very good to know that my artwork can be remembered.

    Have a nice 11/11/11

    Big hugs from Brazil

  12. Priscilla Joy am 11.11.2011 um 17:28 Uhr 

    Have a great weekend Maria!

    Smile loads.

  13. manu am 11.11.2011 um 22:10 Uhr 

    danke! :)

    interessanter blog in manchen Wohnungs bildern würde man echt gern abtauchen toller style. :)

    Lieben Gruß Manu ♥

  14. La Boheme am 11.11.2011 um 22:28 Uhr 

    Again and again Maria, you just keep the goodness coming! Really enjoyed this interview! Have a wonderful weekend my friend, xoxo. Also, big thank you for your link earlier this week, so happy to have you in my life. x

  15. Sugarplum Fairy am 13.11.2011 um 16:44 Uhr 

    Echt toller Blog! Diese Design- und Wohnideen sind der Wahnsinn!!

  16. Sugarplum Fairy am 13.11.2011 um 18:55 Uhr 

    Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar. Du bist aber herum gekommen.. in welchem Land wohnst du denn derzeit? Dtl/USA?Bulgarien? :D

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