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A Home in Amsterdam

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Diese Wohnung in Amsterdam zieht meine Augen magisch an. Schönes Wochenende!

This Amsterdam home with a Scandinavian feel captured my heart today. Happy weekend!

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17 Kommentare zu “A Home in Amsterdam”

  1. Quer am 13.01.2012 um 08:51 Uhr 

    Schön! Auch dir ein magisches, helles Wochenende!
    Gruss, Brigitte

  2. Ann am 13.01.2012 um 16:58 Uhr 

    I’m loving all those white walls,

    it is such a nice home,

    so serene and immaculate looking.

  3. Alexa am 13.01.2012 um 18:01 Uhr 

    I love how light and bright it is. And I just adore Amsterdam!

  4. Marianne am 13.01.2012 um 20:03 Uhr 

    Schönes, sonniges Wochenende für dich ♥

  5. Rapantinchen am 13.01.2012 um 22:33 Uhr 

    Boah! Toll. Ist die Wohnung frei? Ich würde freiwillig einziehen!

    LG Anja

  6. homestilo am 14.01.2012 um 15:34 Uhr 

    You know I am a sucker for the details. That ceiling medallion is just amazing. Happy Weekend!

  7. hennymats am 15.01.2012 um 11:06 Uhr 

    Toll! Die Lampe über dem Tisch und die Zweige find ich am besten.

    Schönen Sonntag dir!

  8. rosundlimone am 15.01.2012 um 15:50 Uhr 

    Woher hast Du nur immer diese wunderbaren Bilder, sehen wirklich gigantisch aus!!!!! Wünschen Dir noch einen schönen Sonntag, ganz liebe Grüsse rosa & limone

  9. Susan am 15.01.2012 um 15:52 Uhr 

    I love it!

  10. Sarah am 15.01.2012 um 18:01 Uhr 

    The plaster detailing on the ceiling is wonderful. Can anyone tell what the little object hanging from the top of the doorway is?

  11. Kristin am 15.01.2012 um 21:56 Uhr 

    I love all the white. It’s so fresh and bright! Hope you had a great weekend!


  12. Tereza am 16.01.2012 um 01:56 Uhr 

    Hi, maria!
    Yes, I enjoyed Buenos Aires so much, but now I’m back.
    Love this house, absolutely gorgeous, so light and airy. Last year I posted about a house in Amsterdam in Scandinavian style, which is a favorite of mine.
    Wish you a happy week.

  13. Splendid Willow am 16.01.2012 um 10:06 Uhr 

    I need white walls and white floors, presto!

    How are you my friend? Anything new on the home front? Please share.

    Miss you.

    ox, Mon

  14. Meera @ firstsense am 16.01.2012 um 15:49 Uhr 

    Hi Maria! I hope your year has started off brilliantly! Busy busy here with work so still trying to catch up on blogs. This Dutch home is absolutely incredible and yes, very Scandinavian with the white walls and floors. Love it!

    Meera xx

  15. John B. am 17.01.2012 um 15:52 Uhr 

    I´m a big fan of white color and Scandinavian style. This flat with it´s design just caught my eye.
    I´m curious who was the home designer, because it resembles the work of Andrea Gray, who belongs to top 7 home designers in Toronto. The combination of free space with modern design elements is perfect. Also the old and renovated ceiling is an important element in the whole composition. The kitchen table light is just perfect. It´s simplicity and beauty makes the kitchen the coziest place inside this home.

  16. Maria am 18.01.2012 um 08:02 Uhr 

    John, I unfortunately do not know anything about this wondeful Amsterdam apartment. I´m a big fan of white color and Scandinavian style too. I was also curious who was the interior designer. All the images are here http://nicety.livejournal.com/938746.html. They are made by the Taverne Agency. I browsed their site but there is no information about the designer.

  17. Elisabeth am 18.01.2012 um 20:20 Uhr 

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!
    Lovely home you have found, love all the white, it’s so bright :)
    Hugs Elisabeth Cesilie

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