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3 Kommentare zu “Wednesday Mix”

  1. classiq am 21.03.2012 um 11:29 Uhr 

    Couldn’t agree more with the quote. xo

  2. Kelly @ DTTDidc am 21.03.2012 um 20:34 Uhr 

    The living room in the first picture is in a GORGEOUS house in California called Vienna Way. I wrote a couple of blog posts about it a few years ago (condensed into one here):

    Thanks for sharing the inspirational quote :-)

  3. K am 22.03.2012 um 00:56 Uhr 

    What perfectly complementary images to one another! I love the interior (fantastic textures!) and the quot/nature image is wonderfully inspiring too.

    Long time follower of your blog, but I don’t comment nearly enough. Just wanted to say I always love your posts. :)


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