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7 Kommentare zu “Wednesday Mix”

  1. classiq am 11.04.2012 um 11:06 Uhr 

    Ah, love that quote. :)

  2. Maria João am 11.04.2012 um 16:38 Uhr 

    It’s so richer to read books! 100% agree

  3. homestilo am 11.04.2012 um 19:11 Uhr 

    That’s a funny quote. But I really can’t sit and read books (no attention span), so blogs are perfect for me!

  4. SizzleandZoom am 11.04.2012 um 22:50 Uhr 

    I get behind reading blogs, too. I try to stay on top of both but lately I’m not.

  5. caroline runge am 11.04.2012 um 23:36 Uhr 

    Cool picture – glad I am reading blogs. Though love books too.

  6. Tamara, Bella Boho am 11.04.2012 um 23:51 Uhr 

    Lenny is too cool, love him!

  7. Tereza am 12.04.2012 um 21:21 Uhr 

    Maria, I’d say that’s most like this:
    read books and blogs.
    See? This way is so much better, con’t you agree?
    Warml hugs to you.

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