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  1. Sara am 22.11.2012 um 18:51 Uhr 

    Beautiful colours!

  2. Dani am 22.11.2012 um 19:38 Uhr 

    Стилно и красиво!

  3. cafenoHut am 22.11.2012 um 21:58 Uhr 

    So cute, I’ll try this cubes…

  4. Odessa am 23.11.2012 um 13:07 Uhr 

    Love that kitchen wall!

  5. cabbagerose am 23.11.2012 um 19:13 Uhr 

    so pretty and inviting…thank you for your response on CR, maria. you know how absolutely fond I am of you…I am grateful for your friendship. xx

  6. Priscilla Joy am 27.11.2012 um 16:07 Uhr 

    Maria! I LOVE the ice-cubs, what a great find.
    Hope you are doing well and enjoy the start of the Holiday season.
    Smile loads xx

  7. Style Maniac am 27.11.2012 um 22:29 Uhr 

    I am such a fan of books in kitchens. In my kitchen I have more room for cookbooks than actual food! Guess I may love to read more than to cook.

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