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Made in Barcelona

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Ein Haus in Barcelona, interior design: Bárbara Aurell, Design Studio Espacio en Blanco.

A house in Barcelona, interior design by Bárbara Aurell of design studio Espacio en Blanco.

photos: Mauricio Fuertes via mi casa revista


28 Kommentare zu “Made in Barcelona”

  1. Krystal/Village am 26.04.2011 um 21:55 Uhr 

    man that bedroom is so cool! I like the shoes decor :) looove the house!!

  2. am 26.04.2011 um 21:59 Uhr 

    Very cool house. I love the Union Jack pillow but the stairs without rails terrified me a little bit.

    Have a nice day!


  3. Quer am 26.04.2011 um 22:10 Uhr 

    So viele schöne, verspielte Details, das mag ich sehr. Und das Schlafzimmer ist zum Verlieben! ;-)

    Fröhliche Abendgrüsse,

  4. Kristin am 26.04.2011 um 22:22 Uhr 

    I could definitely live like this in Barcelona!!! Love the bedroom :) Hope you had a wonderful Easter, Maria!

    x Kristin

  5. Kate @ Travelmoon am 26.04.2011 um 22:32 Uhr 

    I love how light and bright the interiors are! Beautiful!

  6. Rowaida Flayhan am 26.04.2011 um 22:47 Uhr 

    Loving your house tour posts! your previous post was Beautiful, love it

  7. Andrea am 26.04.2011 um 23:00 Uhr 

    I love the shoes on the stairs. What a beautiful house.

    Andrea x

  8. Fyn am 26.04.2011 um 23:01 Uhr 

    :) ja, danke, ich hoffe sie sehen dann in echt auch so gut aus wie ich sie bei dem mädel in erinnerung hab.

  9. minina loves am 26.04.2011 um 23:03 Uhr 

    I like all, beautiful house¡¡

  10. Silvia {enmiespaciovital} am 26.04.2011 um 23:44 Uhr 

    Acogedora, práctica y con estilo… perfecta para vivir en la ciudad.
    Buena semana, Silvia

  11. Marianne am 27.04.2011 um 01:27 Uhr 

    Diesmal ist es mir etwas zu bunt und durcheinander,liebe eher klare Formen, das Gefühl des Aufgeräumten und eher alles spartanisch.

    Herzlichst ♥ Marianne

  12. SizzleandZoom am 27.04.2011 um 02:15 Uhr 

    I think the red sofa makes the room. I would love to have the guts to own one.

  13. Stacey am 27.04.2011 um 03:57 Uhr 

    love the indoor/outdoor element in the living room! really gorgeous home with tons of natural light. XX

  14. laguna dirt am 27.04.2011 um 06:29 Uhr 

    when do i get to go to spain?? love this pad! the over-sized lamp and the warm, rich yet airy colors!! very nice!

  15. Mary JO am 27.04.2011 um 07:55 Uhr 

    I love the bertoia chairs and those windows! And that bathtub looks amazing too! Hope you are enjoying the week so far Maria!
    xo Mary Jo

  16. Clare am 27.04.2011 um 07:56 Uhr 

    Love, love, love this home! The polished concrete floor looks fantastic…

  17. Mary Jo am 27.04.2011 um 07:56 Uhr 

    I love the bertoia chairs and modern windows and the bathtub looks amazing. So many things I like about this space. Hope you are having a wonderful week so far Maria!
    xo Mary Jo

  18. Johanna.B am 27.04.2011 um 08:52 Uhr 

    Thank you for your comment. The artwork is made by myself and part of my own collection of home details. You can check it out here if you like!

    Thank you once more!

  19. elle marie am 27.04.2011 um 09:35 Uhr 

    I love how the white walls act as a canvas.

  20. Dani am 27.04.2011 um 12:15 Uhr 

    Leben pur … etwas verspielt aber die Farbharmonie finde ich sehr schön.

  21. Angel @ | 77inspire | am 27.04.2011 um 16:24 Uhr 

    I love the steps up to the bedroom and the bookshelves under the stairs. what a beautiful home :)

  22. Tamara, Bella Boho am 27.04.2011 um 17:58 Uhr 

    What a fun and uber stylish home! Love it!

  23. George am 27.04.2011 um 18:35 Uhr 

    I really like this beautiful home.

  24. homestilo am 27.04.2011 um 19:22 Uhr 

    I love how relaxed all of the spaces feel (and LOVE the bedroom loft!)

  25. Shelly Gregory am 28.04.2011 um 02:54 Uhr 

    Maria, I love the red sofa! The color adds such life to the room, actually even a touch of romance. And, I, too, am drawn to the shoes lining the pathway to the bedroom. How creative! We women love our shoes enough to make them apart of our decor!

  26. Meera @ firstsense am 29.04.2011 um 10:19 Uhr 

    Gorgeous! Love how they’ve made a modern space so eclectically charming!

  27. barbara aurell am 24.07.2011 um 13:04 Uhr 

    Hi this i Barbara Aurell fron Barcelona!
    Thanks a lot for the publication and the comments!
    If you need more info. yo can link my website:

    on join me on facebook:

  28. Marie am 22.09.2011 um 13:07 Uhr 

    Oh, just beautiful! Love it!

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