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Interview with Juan Ignacio Ramos

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Juan Ignacio Ramos with his his children Ignacio and Soledad

It’s been awhile since the last interview. Thanks to each and everyone of you who haven’t stopped sending me emails asking when the next one will be posted. Special thanks for the lovely emails of Asa from Finnland, David from New Zealand, Annalisa from Belgium and Johanna from Sweden. I’m working on my decoration book putting decoration love into words and photos. There is no much time left before it goes to print in September. But the interviews on the blog are back. Please come with me to Buenos Aires to meet architect Juan Ignacio Ramos of Estudio Ramos.

What was the moment when you knew you would be an architect?

My father is an architect and I remember as a very young kid going to his office and scrawling on those old drawing boards. Probably since then, I thought I would be an architect. I always wonder what would have happened if my father had had a different career.

Is there something that connects all your projects?

There are several things that connect all our projects. First of all, our main focus is the well being of our clients. Through our designs, we try to make their daily lives more satisfying and pleasant. Also, in every case, we take into consideration issues of scale; in relation to our clients, and in relation to subjects of sustainability. Obviously, aesthetic considerations are fundamental: the noticeable horizontal lines, the combination of very few elements, the care for the proportions and the simplicity.

Looking back at your first project what design knowledge do you wish you had back then?

I still appreciate my first project very much, the Sternberg House. It was very revealing and I learned a lot from it. I understand that my work is a long learning process, and I am happy with the innocence and freshness of that first commission.

What do you enjoy most in your work?

I enjoy the creative process and walking through a finished assignment. But if I had to choose one, it would be designing. The joy that I experience every time I finish a design is huge.

What do you love to do when you are not designing?

I love listening to music, appreciating art and practicing sports. Art is a big source of inspiration.

What are your favorite books?

Art and architecture books.

What are your favorite places in Argentina?

Buenos Aires, its suburbs and Patagonia.

What does success mean to you?

I feel very fortunate in being able to do what I like and sharing it with my daughter Soledad and my son Ignacio who are architects as well and my partners. To me, that is success.

What’s your advice to upcoming architects?

To draw a lot and to trust the lines, because the solution always comes from the drawings.

What are the most important design elements?

I believe that the most important elements are the same in architecture as in music or painting: light, color, texture, proportions and harmony.


Interview with Tim Cuppett

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“Success is making a difference and having fun while doing it.”

Tim Cuppett

It’s Monday morning and time for an inspirational interview. Please come with me to Austin, Texas to meet architect Tim Cuppett.

What was the moment when you knew you would be an architect?

In the second grade.

Is there something that connects all your projects?

If it doesn’t add to the solution, get rid of it……edit, edit, edit.

Looking back at your first project what design knowledge do you wish you had back then?

The way its drawn is the way it gets built (if you have a good contractor). Problems don’t work themselves out in the field.

What do you enjoy most in your work?

When I know it’s just right, my hair stands up.

What do you love to do when you are not designing?

Looking around and trying to figure out what makes a place great.

What are your favorite artists?

Cannot identify “favorite”artist.  Music and Architecture both use rhythm, crescendo, harmony, etc….to affect the way we feel.

What are some of the most amazing buildings you’ve seen?

Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple, Gaudi’s Barcelona Cathedral, Pawson’s Monestery at Novy Dvur, Tadao Ando’s Modern Museum in Ft. Worth.

What does success mean to you?

Making a difference and having fun while doing it.

What’s your advice to upcoming architects?

Travel and work as far away from home as possible.

My signature question – what are the most important design elements?

Relation to context: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” Aristotle


House in Chile

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Haus mit Traumblick… Location: Papudo, Chile. Architektur: Raimundo Anguita

House with a view… Location: Papudo, Chile. Architecture: Raimundo Anguita

Raimundo Anguita


House in Brazil

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Traumhaus in São Paulo gefunden… Die Schiebewand – Foto 2 – ist unglaublich. Architektur: Guilherme Torres

Dream house in São Paulo found… The sliding walls – photo 2 – are incredible. Architecture: Guilherme Torres

Guilherme Torres


Desert House in California

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Traumhaus gefunden… Das Black Desert Haus mit Blick auf die Wüstenlandschaft des Joshua-Tree-Nationalparks. Architektur: Marc Atlan und Oller & Pejic

Dream house found… The Black Desert House with views across Joshua Tree National Park in California. Architecture: Marc Atlan and Oller & Pejic

design boom


Happy Weekend

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via my fave tumblr cabbage rose


House in Lebanon

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Der Gewinner in der Kategorie Wohnungsbau der Zukunft des WAF ist das Meditationshaus in Libanon, MZ Architects

Future projects house winner of WAF is the Meditation House in Jbâa, Lebanon by MZ Architects

photos: marwan zgheib via designboom


House in Melbourne

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Techné Architects, photos: Shannon McGrath via urbis


House in São Paulo

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architecture: Fernanda Neiva of Galeria Arquitetos via desire to inspire


Architect’s Home in London

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So sieht das Haus des Londoner Architekten Matt White aus.

A look inside the London home of architect Matt White.

homebuilding and renovation via planete deco

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