Architect’s Home in London : design elements


Architect’s Home in London

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So sieht das Haus des Londoner Architekten Matt White aus.

A look inside the London home of architect Matt White.

homebuilding and renovation via planete deco


3 Kommentare zu “Architect’s Home in London”

  1. Mary Jo am 16.01.2014 um 21:35 Uhr 

    That view of the playhouse through the door is amazing! It looks like a painting! I love feel to this house.

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Dora Coleman am 24.03.2014 um 12:01 Uhr 

    Nice designs and architecture. It looks like a painting. I am also planning to do interior designing to my new home.

  3. Justin Cross am 10.06.2014 um 07:21 Uhr 

    Looks great and really beautiful.planning to do such wonderful interiors for my home also.Thanks for the pictures.

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