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The Gift of Nothing

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Ich habe ein tolles Buch für meine Kinder gekauft. Es heißt “Das schönste Geschenk” – ein kleines Buch mit einer zeitlosen Botschaft – die Freundschaft und die Liebe sind mehr Wert ist als jedes materielle Geschenk…

Just bought a wonderful little book for my kids. It’s called “The Gift of Nothing” – a little book with a great message, a gentle reminder of what life & holidays should be all about – LOVE…


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  1. Kristin am 20.12.2010 um 23:56 Uhr 

    How adorable! Enjoy your Christmas holiday too! Best wishes for you and your family!

    Kristin xo

  2. Punctuation Mark am 21.12.2010 um 03:01 Uhr 

    we should be giving this book to more kids these days… have a nice one!

  3. mydesignchic am 21.12.2010 um 03:16 Uhr 

    Looks like a wonderful book with a great message!! Enjoy the holidays!!

  4. Splendid Willow am 21.12.2010 um 09:53 Uhr 

    No Way! It is my childrens favorite book! And they have often shared it in their school classes. We love the illustrations and the wonderful message from Earl and Mootch! (I have even given the book to several girlfriends).

    As of today I am taking a little break from blog land. I just want to spend quality time with my family.

    Thank you, Maria, for your friendship and for all the inspiration you are sharing with us.

    See you next year!

    A warm hug from Seattle.


  5. Splendid Willow am 21.12.2010 um 09:55 Uhr 

    Yikes!! Did my message even go through?!! I think I lost it!!!

  6. am 21.12.2010 um 11:36 Uhr 

    Thanks for the recommendation Maria. I am always on the lookout for wonderful childrens books. Recommendations from trusted sources such as yourself are like gold.

    Sandy K

  7. mary jo matsumoto am 21.12.2010 um 12:33 Uhr 

    This looks like a great book for kids and I am going to remember it next time I have to bring a gift for kids. Wishing you a wonderful week before Christmas!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. Jude am 21.12.2010 um 16:35 Uhr 

    This is such a wonderful idea for a book, especially a children’s book! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday and relaxing well! :)

  9. Tereza am 21.12.2010 um 17:02 Uhr 

    This little book is a wonderful recomendation, the kids will love it.
    The best present we can give a child is a book and our good example.
    I hope you’re having a nice time with your family.

  10. Kellie Collis am 21.12.2010 um 21:44 Uhr 

    Sounds like a lovely read! Have a happy holiday, Kellie xx

  11. Yvonne am 22.12.2010 um 00:48 Uhr 

    Hört sich super gut an! Dir und deinen Lieben ein frohes Fest, liebe Grüße Yvonne

  12. Maria Killam am 24.12.2010 um 05:02 Uhr 

    I’ve read this book, it’s wonderful!
    Merry Christmas,

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